Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Integrity and honesty amongst the students are the prerequisites for the code of their conduct. A strict process of discipline shall be enforced to develop and groom them as responsible citizens of Pakistan.
The following measures shall be undertaken in his/her regard:

  1. Visitors will not be allowed to see the students in or outside the classroom except through the prior permission of the Principal.
  2. "No-smoking Zone" No public smoking by the visiting parents/guardians, visitors, and school employees will be allowed.
  3. No corporal punishments will be awarded to the students.
  4. Students violating the norms of discipline may be fined, suspended, withdrawn, or rusticated as per the nature of the offense.
  5. Struck off: Shortage of attendance & misconduct during school hours, failure in 2 term exams.
  6. Fee Defaulter: failure in the submission of fee after 2 months will be struck off.

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